How To Choose A Portable Wheelchair Ramp

How To Choose A Portable Wheelchair Ramp:

In the realm of mobility solutions, portable wheelchair ramps play an invaluable role, granting users flexibility and independence in various settings. Among the plethora of brands, EZ-Access ramps emerge as leaders, marrying innovation with safety. This guide will navigate you through selecting the ideal portable wheelchair ramp, with an emphasis on the unparalleled offerings of EZ-Access.

1. Determine Your Specific Needs:

  • Usage Frequency: How often will you need to use the ramp? If it's daily, you might want one that sets up and breaks down with ease.

  • Travel: If you're on the go, you'll want a ramp that's not only lightweight but also compact for travel. EZ-Access's portable offerings are designed with travelers in mind.

2. Measure the Rise:

Before diving into the ramp options, measure the height you need to overcome. This "rise" will guide the length of the ramp you need.

3. Choose the Appropriate Length:

Following ADA guidelines, a 1:12 slope ratio is recommended for safety. EZ-Access provides a range of lengths, ensuring you can find a ramp that aligns with this guideline for your specific rise.

4. Assess Portability Features:

EZ-Access has a rich array of portable ramps, each boasting unique features:

  • Foldability: Models like the Suitcase® Singlefold Ramp are designed for easy foldability, making setup and storage a breeze.

  • Weight: Given its portability, consider the weight of the ramp. Aluminum designs from EZ-Access are lightweight yet durable.

5. Focus on Safety:

Safety should never be compromised, and EZ-Access understands this:

  • Traction: Slip-resistant surfaces are standard, ensuring a safe transition under all weather conditions.

  • Edge Protection: To prevent the wheelchair or scooter from rolling off the sides, raised edges are a must.

6. Assess the Weight Capacity:

Ensure the ramp can comfortably bear the weight of the user combined with their mobility device. EZ-Access ramps list clear weight capacities, offering peace of mind.

7. Consider Set-Up Time:

Quick and hassle-free setup can make a world of difference, especially when on the move. EZ-Access ramps are designed for swift and simple installations.

8. Budget & Quality:

Quality should be a priority, but EZ-Access offers a spectrum of ramps that cater to various budgets. Investing in a high-quality ramp is investing in long-term safety and convenience.

9. Consult Reviews & Experts:

Dive into user reviews for real-world insights. Platforms specializing in mobility solutions can also provide guidance tailored to your needs, spotlighting the best of what EZ-Access has to offer.


Selecting the right portable wheelchair ramp is a pivotal step towards ensuring mobility freedom. With EZ-Access, you're not just picking a product; you're embracing a legacy of trust, innovation, and unparalleled quality. Navigate your world with confidence, one ramp at a time.